Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Super Human Organism


An ant colony is defined as a super organism - tens of thousands of small creatures with specific tasks and even various body designs and instincts that collectively serve the whole colony as a single entity. People sometimes marvel at the tiny ants performing this way.

This does not approach the marvel and complexity of the human (homo sapien) super organism - in which microscopic single cell organisms (our cells) collectively function as one creature (us). Some combine together to make an organ of the body (heart, lungs, muscles...). Others are mini-refineries - producing extremely complex chemicals - organic and inorganic composites.

Still others act in harmony - but are free flowing around the body like ants streaming out from an ant colony. Some will bring food, others will attack and kill intruding virus, bacteria and fungus. Still others will attack birth-defected cells, removed dead and decaying cells. There is endless micro-chemical refining and chemical alterations throughout this super colony of trillions of single cell organisms that is the human body.

The most incredible cells are those of our immune system - as they deliberately continually mutate to meet new attackers - but with a collective memory of old attackers. If you get a flu, you get sick because your immunity cells do not yet know how to kill that virus. From then on, that virus can not harm you as the "mind" of the immune system remembers how to kill it.


Regardless of any medication you take to treat the symptoms, you will not get well until your immune system evolves to being able to kill the virus, fungus, bacteria or internal defect. ONLY YOUR BODY can viruses - medicine only treats symptoms.

But the perpetually evolving cellular systems also means that things can go wrong very quickly if the cells mutate badly - most notable of course is cancer and AIDS.

The necessity of healthy cells, particularly immune system cells, and the ability of cells to reproduce before becoming too old, is critical to health. It is well understood that weak and sick people get other diseases much easier than healthy and strong people. The battles of life, health, disease, performance and death all are happening at the microscopic, cellular level.

Whether you believe humans evolved from single cell organisms across billions of years or are the result of a master design plan of God, both define life on a cellular level - with more complex life being greater and greater collections of cells acting as a super organism - the human body is so complex as to reach self realization and even has an 'inner voice.' But the body still is a super organism consisting of trillions of cells as how it all works.

A person can not be healthy if their cells are sick, can not be strong if their cells are weak, and can not be young if their cells are old. And science has proven that cells age prematurely and die early because of oxygen deprivation. We no longer get the required amount of oxygen from our foods because it is processed out. And even if we could breathe long and hard enough every day , all day - the inferior air we breathe with its pollutants and contaminants can not supply our bodies with enough oxygen to reach the cells.

So what is a super human organism to do?

Well, you have a choice; you can either give your body the oxygen it needs naturally and safely or you allow yourself to grow ill and sickly.

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Wishing you the best of health and freedom from disease.

Lynne Gordon


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