Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program - Week 2

I have noticed that thru-out my entire life whenever I have gone to my doctor with a medical complaint, he has always prescribed me a pill to treat the symptom of my pain or discomfort and I knew instinctively that this wasn’t right. I would tell him that I didn’t want a dam pill, I wanted to be CURED of whatever this was!

Whenever I confronted a doctor about this practice, I usually never saw him again, the clinic scheduled all of my appointments with another doctor.

No one was answering my questions. No one was assuring me that the various side effects I was suffering from a myriad of pills would not leave any permanent damage. They weren’t doing these things because they couldn’t. And I found that 100 percent unacceptable.

I have started my own treatment-for-life with my oxygenation therapy, but I am obliged to report both the good and the bad. Any side effects I will dutifully report. I am on a mission and I will be faithful to it.

Week 2 - Day 1

I can actually look over my shoulder again. This will mean nothing to a great deal of people but I have had 3 car accidents in the last 5 years and in the more serious one I damaged my neck to a degree that made the insurance company jump at a $50,000.00 settlement. I am sure I could have gotten more, (I probably should have gotten more) because, unknown to me at the time, the damage done would only get worse with time.

Eventually I was scheduled to get to a point where I could not move my head at all to the left or right. But I am no longer on that schedule.

For the last few years, like anyone else, I accepted gradual limitations of my body as just a consequence of growing older…but not any more.

When I looked over my shoulder today, after not having been able to do so for years, I was AMAZED! This treatment is actually working on either my bones or the muscles between my neck bones. Either way, I am okay with it!

Week 2 - Day 2

I have developed a rash on my legs. It is hardly noticeable because it looks almost like dry skin but I know its there and its incredibly itchy. I know what it is, though. In 1980 I broke out in a crazy rash all over the upper half of my body. My doctor said that it was Rosacia and that it would go away…and it did, very quickly. But through the years I have had continuous outbreaks of these skin rashes, usually on my legs.

I read before I started this program that any bacteria or viruses in my body would have to come out one way or another and I was prepared for this. So, this entire condition should go away as I am continuing my therapy and oxygenating my body and these microbes can not live in oxygen rich environments.

And to be honest, my virus is no different from any other. If I can bring my body into a condition of complete oxygenation and drive these microbes out, anyone else can do it with whatever viral affliction you are suffering with.

Week 2 - Day 3

An absolutely beautiful day! Almost 65 degrees here in Florida and I am thinking it is just about beach time! YAY!

Week 2 - Day 4

I had a remarkable conversation with a friend today. He has congenital heart failure so he is just basically just sitting around every day and waiting to die. I talked to him (again) about my therapy and he refuses to even try it. I don’t understand that. This man is all out of options. He has no health insurance, his body is constantly collecting water in his lungs which sends him to the hospital every other week. But he is relieved by those trips because every time he goes to the emergency room they prescribe him even more pills to treat whatever symptoms he is laboring under and never even attempt to do anything to cure his real problem.

He is so reliant on doctors and their pills because he has been conditioned all his life to revere doctors and believe whatever they say is truth. And to a degree, so have we all.

But this man is going to die unnecessarily because he refuses to believe that anything his doctor does not prescribe will not help him to save his own life.

So once again, the pills cause another complication because although he is no longer retaining water in his lungs, his feet are swollen so badly that he can barely walk.

I’ll keep talking to him.

Week 2 - Day 5

I received an email to day from a doctor who had just read my blog on Week 1. He wanted to know exactly what my therapy entailed. Because he was a doctor (or said he was) I explained to him exactly what I was doing and why. He told me that what I was doing was no different from what he does. This shocked me a little.

He told me that he performs something called “Chelation Therapy” for some of his patients who have had major heart bypass surgery because this therapy helps the body to heal the damaged heart and it also helps to keep the arteries open. He explained that these patients of his are given an intravenous drip and that every single person he has treated has showed significant improvement. But he was rather secretive about his name and he didn’t even want to tell me what city he practiced in. He said he was also aware of oxygenation therapy for other bodily ailments and actually applauded me for getting the word out. WOW!

Strangely enough, after we exchanged two emails, when I sent him a third, it bounced.

Week 2 - Day 6

My health is improving daily. I have so much energy, I feel like I did when I was in my thirties! This is a GREAT way to live and I want to be like this for as long as I can live. I truly feel that I would rather be gone from this body than suffering every single day or living in constant pain.

Week 2 - Day 7

The rash on my legs is clearing and not leaving any scars. A few days ago there were several round itchy (whitish) spots and they are still a little itchy but less so and now they are a milder, more blended color and decreasing in size as well.

My roommate had her biopsy but it wasn’t really that. She is very quiet about what her doctors are telling her. I don’t think she understands most of it which is why she can’t relate to me what’s going on so well. But I press her sometimes and I found out that what they really did was to use a scope to try and look and see if there were any cancer cells growing in her cervix. The results were not conclusive according to her and they did take a sample while they were in there (I guess that is the biopsy part) so she is still waiting to hear the diagnosis.

Bless her heart, she is a trooper when it comes to her therapy, though. I don’t even have to remind her anymore, but I do anyway because she is my friend. I am convinced that if they do find cancerous cells inside her, they are the ones who are going to be shocked when they can’t find that same cancer in a month or so. Let’s hope so, for her sake.

I think that one of the most amazing aspects of this therapy is that anyone who has been diagnosed with AIDS, HIV or even Diabetes and Herpes can actually use it to help bring their body back to a healthful point. This therapy does not cure any diseases - it delivers life-giving oxygen to your body on the cellular level allowing it to cure itself.

After all, pills and potions don’t kill viruses. Only the body can kill the viruses that invade it.

My weight is 163, down another 3 pounds. I will swear on any Bible stack that I have not done anything whatsoever to change my diet or exercise any more than I normally would.

But to be perfectly honest, I have done some spring cleaning around the house…and I haven’t felt like doing that the last twenty times I saw Spring coming.

I’ll keep you posted!

Start Your Own Oxygen Therapy Program Today!

My Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program - Week 1

From the time I actually bought the book until I mixed my first dose of my home-administered oxygenation therapy, it was about one month.

I waited a month because I was just too busy to get started any sooner. But as I continued to watch the news everyday, watching and reading as some new disease or some old malady claimed yet another life or slammed some poor soul into a life of drug dependency and pill popping, my resolve to be proactive about my own health increased.

This oxygen therapy I was considering is not anything new. It is old medicine. My grandmother used it, my mother used it and she taught me when I was just a child…I had just long since forgotten about it in the hustle and bustle of my new-age life.

But now I am going back. Back to what worked to keep entire generation cancer-free, diabetes-free, and in general good health for their entire lives. I am going back to what allowed millions before me to grow old gracefully, not old, bent, broken and pain-racked before their time. I am going back to what worked!

Day 1

I felt no different and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Day 1 came and went just like any other day.

Day 2

Still no real difference. I feel as if I have more energy but I can’t be sure. I think it might just be all in my mind. I mean, nothing can work that fast, can it?

Day 3

I couldn’t tell any difference until about 10 pm that night. All of my life I have had problems maintaining my circadian rhythm. It was a certainty that when I awoke at 10 am as long as I didn’t nap during the day, I would be able to get to sleep at a decent hour that night. But my day didn’t happen like that.

I fell asleep about 3 pm and slept until around 7 pm. When I awoke I was instantly disgusted with myself because I knew that my sleep pattern was off and that I would be awake all night, unable to fall asleep. I was so certain of this because this problem has plagued me every since I left the Navy in 1990.

My normal work schedule in the Navy for 11 years was to work two shifts of 6 am till 6 pm, then take 72 hours off then come back and work 2 shifts of 6 pm to 6 am. This required me to be awake and alert all night because there was constantly something that I had to do. After 11 years of this, when I left the Navy, I could never readjust my sleeping schedule to anything resembling normal.

Well, that night around 10 pm, I was so sleepy that I could not keep my eyes open. I fell asleep and awoke at 8 am the next morning. I was amazed! This was the first time this has happened to me in almost 20 years. The only thing that had changed in my life was my oxygenation therapy.

Regulating my circadian rhythm is an unbelievable aspect of this therapy for me. It might not mean much to a lot of people, but to me it is absolutely life-changing. It means I can actually get a job (if there were any out there) and not have to dose myself with Killer PM this and Habit-forming PM that every single night, pills that have been slowly destroying my liver over the last 30 years. It means I can wake in the morning refreshed with no side effects.

There is truly no substitute for a good ol’ simple, good night’s sleep.

Day 4

I DO have more energy these days that I have had previously. I am certain of it now. I am also certain that I have found my treatment of choice to keep my body healthy for the rest of my life.

Day 5

I have smoked for the last 30 years of my life and I know that I should not be able to run at all. I have gotten old and soft in the last 20 years or so. But today I ran! I ran down my new kitten who has not yet been spayed when she tried to make a run for it. She was breaking camp fast but I was actually able to catch her. I am thinking about starting some type of exercise plan. My mind is starting to feel like it’s in the wrong body. lol

Day 6

I am smoking a lot less. I was up to a pack a day but now I smoke about half of that. The nicotine feels different when it enters my body. I used to take that first drag in the morning and enjoy the surge of chemicals as they coursed through my body as I continued to suck on my cigarette. Today and looking back, I can not remember the last time I smoked an entire cigarette. Two or three puffs and I’m done. I think this therapy has cleansed my system of nicotine and it just takes less to get that same euphoria.

At any rate, I’m thinking, for the first time in 20 years, that maybe I should just quit while I have a jump on them. Funny, but I always thought that I would be a smoker for the rest of my life…and now I can actually see a window where I can silently sneak away from them. And by the time they know I’m gone, it will be too late because I will be free! Shhhhh…I’m gonna’ go for it! Wish me luck!

Day 7

I talked my roommate into starting this therapy with me a week ago and I can see the change in her as well. She has been plagued for several months now with GERD, acid reflux, and she has had two operations in the past year. A few weeks ago she received a diagnosis of possible cervical cancer from her doctor and she will have a biopsy done in three days. Except its more than just a biopsy because they have decided to actually cut her open and have a look. I don’t know the clinical term for that.

The therapy has already helped her GERD, only one instance in the last week and that is down from it being a daily routine. She is able to keep food down now and the doctors never were able to tell her why she lost 50 pounds in 4 months. We are both weighing ourselves every day to see if our oxygenation therapy is helping her gain weight and me lose it. That would be interesting, huh? I keep hoping that this therapy has worked so well for her that when she goes in for surgery in three days, they find absolutely NOTHING! But we’ll see.

For me, I am absolutely ecstatic. Little things are starting to change on me. My toenails cleared up. I have had some type of fungus for months now and my toenails were discolored and cracked. They still are but the new growth coming in shows no signs of discoloration.

So since most of my mortal sins are already out there, I may as well tell you about my alcoholic experience. We all went to dinner last night at Appleby’s. I like Appleby’s because I can drink and eat…plain and simple. My normal martinis (I call them martinis because it sounds sophisticated, but they are just shots of gin or vodka) wouldn’t do its job that night. I always try to drink on a full stomach, so I wait until after dinner and throw down about 4 or 5 martinis. I had a whopping six shots of vodka that night and rode home mad as hell because I didn’t even have a buzz. I also awoke the next morning without any signs of a hangover. My mind was clear and my body felt absolutely wonderful.

I guess this means that I have become a social drinker whether I intended to or not.

I do not know what effect this therapy will have if some serious disease strikes my body but I feel assured that because of the small benefits that I have seen, it is definitely worth the 2 cents a day I spend to continue it.

I also know that my body is using the extra oxygen I am giving it to nourish and repair damage that I have done to my body in the past. How do I know this?

I know this so certainly because along with the increased energy, the clearing of my nails, the lessening desire for nicotine and the resistance to alcohol, I also feel that my mind is sharper than it has been in years. My thinking is clear and uncluttered and I am able for the first time in years to write again.

And another of the most amazing things, to me, is that without any change, what-so-ever in my diet, and without even thinking about it or trying, I have lost one pound in one week! I eat what I want to when I want to and I refuse to change that, no matter what. I have no intention of dieting because I feel that dieting for women over 50 is ridiculous. Hell, one of the few pleasures I have at my age is eating and I don’t plan to interrupt that in any way shape or form. *smile*

Start Your Own Oxygen Therapy Program Today!

I am down to 166 pounds. I’ll keep you posted.