Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Dear God!

I am going to write this and plenty of people are going to read it. And they are still going to die!

Phase Six Pandemic Alert means that a full-scale pandemic is UNDERWAY!
# It is happening in your lifetime.
# It is already in your state.
# It is already in your city.
# It is already in your school and your office building!
# It is headed for you, your children and the rest of your family.

Phase Five Pandemic Alert meant that one person would get sick and go to school Monday morning and spread it to every child in that school.
# Phase Six Pandemic Alert means that it has already happened!

Phase Five Pandemic Alert meant that one person in your office could possibly come in to work with this deadly disease.
# Phase Six means that it has already happened!

It may have been that person who passed by you coughing in Walmart. As you passed and continued to breathe, you sucked in some very nasty little germs that are right this minute multiplying inside your body until their concentration is great enough to make you sick.

It may have been that package of chicken or bag of chips you decided to buy in the grocery store. You touched it immediately after someone sick had coughed or sneezed on it and when you rubbed your eyes or touched your mouth, you transferred those germs into your body before you could even get your chicken in the freezer or your chips in the salsa.

I do not even think we need to discuss what could have happened to your food before you got it at fast-food restaurants.

Six weeks ago, I published PHASE FIVE PANDEMIC ALERT and had this to say: According to The World Health Organization (WHO);

* A Phase 5 Pandemic Alert means literally widespread human-to-human infection.
* A Phase 5 Pandemic Alert means that a pandemic is IMMINENT!
* A Phase 5 Pandemic Alert means that the time is short!

All of these recommendations by WHO tells us that if we are not now in an affected area, we soon will be. No ifs ands or buts.

These are the points our Surgeon General should have reiterated instead of clarifying Phase Five Pandemic Alert as just an administrative classification used by paper-pushers to keep their records straight.

The next step is Phase Six Pandemic Alert. When we receive this warning, it will already be too late.

Phase Six means that a global pandemic is already underway and millions are infected, dead, and dying.

So I guess it is every man for himself because it appears that your Surgeon General isn’t concerned whether you live or die.

Make sure your family is protected because, as of today, we are all out of time and we are all on our own.

Now granted, millions are not currently being reported as dead, (in this first week of PHASE SIX), but to the family of those 30,000 who have died, it may seem that way.

The fact is, whether 100,000 die or if 100 million die – none of us want any of our loved ones included in those statistics.

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