Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program - Week Five

watefalls2Being a Vietnam Veteran is not one of the most popular things for a woman to be in 2009. But that only makes it more interesting to live during this time in history. I was too naive back then to know what the war was about and I just duck-stepped with everyone else when I was told that this war was mandatory to keep the world free for democracy.

Since then, of course, I have learned that Vietnam was about (depending on who you talk to) either 1. Preventing the Pope from taking over the world, or 2. Maintaining Christianity in North Vietnam, or 3. Keeping the drug trade routes open for the Bush family.

What do you think the Vietnam War was about?

Week Five - Day 1

I have actually started an exercise program. Albeit, a mini-plan. lol I started walking a mile or so every day. The desire to exercise was overwhelming! I had begun to feel a very strong urge to do some sort of exercise, so I chose the easiest thing to just go out and do. I don't understand everything that is happening to my body...but I am going to buy a bicycle next week.

Week Five - Day 2

I never thought life could be this good. I feel healthier. I am sleeping exceptionally well, these days. And my diet is slowly changing. I maintain my resolve to continue to eat whatever I choose...but my body - out of the clear blue - will crave apples or grapes, when I originally went to the kitchen to get a candy bar. I just go with it because it feels good. I still eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but I also listen to my body and give it what it is craving.

Week Five - Day 3

No new news on my roommate's condition. After the latest biopsy, we got the word that it is definitely cervical cancer, but she is very optimistic...and so am I. We expect to hear this week about what type of chemotherapy her doctor wants her to take. She plans to ask him for H2O2 therapy (like they use in Germany) instead of chemo. I'll let you know his reply.

Week Five - Day 4

Has anyone else heard that Walgreens is offering free health-care to anyone who lost their job after March 31st this year. Yep, how about that? Free clinic visits for the rest of this year to the uninsured and unemployed. Isn't this something our government should be offering, anyway? Afterall children have no say whether they are born into a rich family or a poor one. Free health care should always be available to all children, even if not for all adults.

Week Five - Day 5

Two of my neighbors have started this therapy with me. They started at the same time and I am on the phone with them every day getting updates. They noticed the difference in me, I guess. But I think the kicker was when they saw me out walking all week. lol They both started Friday, 2 days ago. I will post any and all updates that I get from them. I told them to expect to see results in as little as three we will see.

Week Five - Day 6

I visited an interesting website this past week. It was like taking a deep breath of fresh air and instantly feeling my body come alive as the renewed oxygen poured in and it left me feeling totally refreshed! You really should visit this website if you want that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes when you think that maybe there is hope for mankind.

[caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="441" caption="DREAM A LITTLE DREAM!"]DREAM A LITTLE DREAM![/caption]

I won't spoil the surprise and tell you everything about this very special place, but you can visit it here: DREAMS

Week Five - Day 7

From the book: My Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program: Chapter 8 -

I get this question every single time I talk to anyone concerning oxygen therapy:

"If this therapy is so good, Lynne, why haven't I heard of it before? Why doesn't my doctor prescribe it for me?"

I want to answer that question within my blog today because the answer will help many people understand that your health is your responsibility and yours alone.

"Would the current medical establishment welcome a breakthrough that could render 98% of all drugs, testing and disease related surgery obsolete? What would the response be of the pharmaceutical industrialists, hospital chain owners, health
insurance moguls, AMA, and FDA?

Would you expect to read or hear such an announcement from any medical journal or media outlet owned by people financially committed to the medical status quo, which is practically all of them?

How many want to make their own occupation unnecessary? And if the cure had already been suppressed once, wouldn't the possible blame for allowing people to die without it provide even more incentive continue keeping the whole is thing quiet?

It is vital for Americans to realize that current economic dynamics don't allow the businessmen in charge of health and industry any incentive at all, to make people permanently healthy and lose them as customers.

It's the same reason why the energy conglomerates do not encourage citizens to become energy-self-sufficient, the Pentagon has no incentive to stop wars, and the American Psychiatric Association sees no advantage to ending mental illness.

All right then. This is precisely the situation that exists, and the cure has indeed been around for ages. It has been independently reported effective against virtually every disease at one time or another, in thousands of public-domain medical articles, which
had never been collected or correlated until recently." END QUOTE

So don't be deceived. An don't wait until you have already been struck with some body-wasting, soul-destroying disease or malady.

Start your own Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program Today!



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